iPhone exec leaves Apple over antennagate?

Hardware engineering chief shown the door at Cupertino

First top-level departure over iPhone 4's reception niggles.

Mark Papermaster, Apple’s Senior Vice President of iPhone and iPod Hardware Engineering, has left the Cupertino company.

The exec's departure comes less than two years after being recruited from IT giant IBM.

The move has spurred speculation as to who will get the blame for the iPhone 4 "antennagate” debacle.

However, Apple has refused to confirm whether Papermaster left of his own volition or was pushed. Papermaster is being replaced by Bob Mansfield, who takes care of hardware engineering for Macs.

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Whatever the reasons behind the move, Apple will be seeking to draw a line under what will undoubtedly be remembered as the most embarrassing incident in the tech giant’s history. The iPhone 4, however, continues to storm ahead, with recent figures suggesting upwards of 70 per cent of punters were satisfied with their new top-end Apple effort.

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