iPhone App News: Wunderkit task-manager launched

Enhanced to-do list will enable you to get friends involved with multiple projects

Wunderkit has arrived on the iPhone as the perfect solution for people with multiple tasks. It enables to work collaboratively with colleagues and rope Facebook friends into helping you

Wunderkit, a new iOS task manager app from the makers of the 6Wunderkind web service, will allow iPhone and iPad users to hook their colleagues, friends and family into achieving their ongoing to-do list.

The free Wunderkit app for iOS will allow users to create workspaces for every project they wish to work on. Each workspace features a dashboard which brings an overview of every project with tasks assigned to different members of the group and a list of what needs to be done.

There's also a built-in Notes app which allows you to store thoughts, ideas and concepts and share them with your group.

Once you've created a new project you can invite your Facebook and Twitter friends into the mix if you'd like to rope them in to helping you get stuff done. If they accept your call for help they can immediately become page of the workspace and start posting status updates, tasks and notes.

There's also a social element to the site which allows workspaces or projects to get fans and followers and it's up to you to populate the profile pages with updates on the project. Naturally, followers can like and comment on any public postings you make.

The service, as you can see below, is primarily web-based, but you can also download an app for iPhone to achieve the same goals.

Link: Lifehacker