iPhone app news: Thrutu brings in-call multitasking to iOS

Send your location, a picture or contact during the call

Easily share vital information during the call.

The innovative in-call multitasking app Thrutu has arrived on the App Store after proving to be a major success on the Android platform.

The idea behind Thrutu is to enable the simple sharing of information during a phonecall between two users. For example, you can send someone your location information or a photograph from your gallery while you're on the phone to them.

You can also take a photo from the camera and then send it, share a contact or even send a vibrating alert to the other person's phone.

The app will come in handy when you're meeting someone who doesn't know where you are, as you can instantly send someone the location details during the conversation and view each other on a live map.

If you receive a call from another Thrutu user the app will automatically open, but otherwise you'll need to open the application and then make the call in order to make use of the functionality.

The iOS launch comes after the app achieved over 250,000 downloads on the Android Market. It's free to download and it's available from today

Link: iTunes (via TechCrunch)