iPhone App News: Shazam Player launches for iOS

With lyrics which appear karaoke-style, Shazam wants to be your main music player

Shazam moves away from simply identifying those elusive songs into taking over your iPhone's music player. Shazam Player offers discovery tools, easy playlists and sharing options

Music discovery app Shazam has made a bold move to become your primary music player app with a new Shazam Player application for iOS devices.

The free download includes a neat innovation showcasing the lyrics to songs, which scroll along the screen as the track plays. It effectively turns your iPhone into a karaoke machine, which is kind of cool.

There's also several music explorations tools built in to enable you to learn more about your music as you listen, while it's easy to share your favourite tunes on Facebook and Twitter or view the music video on YouTube from within the app.

You can also build lists of 'Good Tracks' and 'Bad Tracks' which will hide some of the tracks you're less fond of.

You can see for yourself how the app works in the video below, if you can put up with that awful Maroon 5, Moves Like Jagger song playing in the background. We wish we could hide that one.

Link: Mashable