iPhone App News: Record Their Stories captures memories

Preserve the memories of your elderly relatives for future generations

Let's face it, senior citizens know way more about life than us, and have lived through far more trying times. Here's your opportunity to capture that wisdom and teach your ungrateful children some life lessons

A new app for iPhone encourages users to record the life stories of their relatives and edit them down to professional-sounding podcasts.

Record Their Stores, a 69p download from the App Store, makes use of the iPhone's built-in voice recorder and comes loaded with 100 suggested questions.

Creator Neil Cowling, who creates radio documentaries for the BBC says: “For the first part of my life I had the privilege of knowing my grandpa. Born in the year that the Titanic sank, he saw the world change in ways I can’t imagine, as his family flourished over four generations. His stories were brilliant but I didn’t have an easy means to capture them, and now it’s too late.

“Today most of us carry a recording device with us everywhere we go - a mobile phone. I wanted to utilise that tool to the very best of its story capturing abilities, allowing people to gather their own family anecdotes in a way that’s effective, easy and fun.”

The app allows you to export the recordings to your computer or trim them within the app. Once you're happy with the end product you can send it to the company who'll professionally edit it and send it to you in CD and MP3 format for a cost of £90 per 30 minute recording. However, we're sure you're all fully capable doing a great editing and CD burning job yourselves.

The app is presently an iOS exclusive, but the company says it will launch for Android in the future. You can bag yourself a free copy of Record Their Stories if you follow the app maker on Twitter by the end of Thursday 22nd December. Click here to follow now.

Link: Telegraph