iPhone app news: Pizza Express outs payment app

Pay your bill via PayPal and by-pass slow waitors

A guilt-free way to leave a stingy tip

High street eatery Pizza Express has joined forces with PayPal to launch a new iPhone app that allows customers to pay their bill using the smartphone.

Bills, which can be requested at any time during the meal, will now feature a 12-digit identification code, which can be typed into the app. Once that's done, users can log into their PayPal account and settle-up immediately.

Pizza Express says the free, new app allows customers to complete payment within a minute and will be supported by the company-wide roll-out of free Wi-Fi, via The Cloud service.

The app is designed for those folks who don't have the time to wait for their service staff to unload another round of £6.50 Peronis on the table next door before collecting the bill.

So, if you're in a business meeting and need to get back to the office, as soon as you've polished off your last slice of Quattro Formaggi, you can pay-up and move out.

The app also allows users to locate Pizza Express restaurants and also book a table prior to arrival. You can also check out the menu and keep tabs on your receipts from previous visits.

All in all it's a neat innovation that will surely be embraced by many more restaurants in the near future.

Link: PizzaExpress