iPhone app news: Orange launches Glastonbury app

Create a custom schedule for the bands you need to see

Sounds fantastic, but will your battery last long enough to make use of it?

Orange has launched the official smartphone app for Glastonbury 2011, which will allow festivalgoers to meticulously plan their band-viewing activities on their iPhone, Android or Nokia handset.

The free app features a comprehensive listing of the acts on show complete with the stage on which they're appearing. If you see something you like, you can add it to the planner section.

And, to ensure that you don't miss a shaggy-haired indie-rock sensation of tomorrow, you'll be sent a reminder, can share it on Facebook or even see where the corresponding stage is on an interactive map.

At any point during the festival, you can click on a stage on the map and it'll tell you exactly what's happening at that time. The map will not only guide you to stages, but also bars and toilets, which sort of walk hand-in-hand together when you think about it.

The only potential downfall of Orange's masterplan is that our smartphone batteries don't usually last beyond the first hangover, and in order to preserve them, that 3G connection is more often than not, the first thing to be sacrifices. Luckily Orange has thought about that too, as the map will guide you to the "Chill and Charge" tents, if you need a top up.

There'll also be a festival news feed from, you guessed it, The Guardian. The app is available to download now and certainly beat splashing out a fiver on one of those festival guide laminates that you'll lose within the first half an hour.

You can get a good look at the app from a quirky young Irishman in this preview video.

Link: Orange