iPhone App News: MovieGoer captures post-film joy/despair

Social movie app offers cinema details, showtimes and your 15 second movie reviews

MovieGoer for iPhone is a social app for film-lovers allowing them to keep abreast of the latest screening times, follow their favourite cinema and record 15 second movie reviews to share with all.

A new movie application for iPhone aims to capture your raw, post-screening emotions by allowing you to record and upload a 15-second video review when you leave the cinema.

The MovieGoer app for iPad adds a more social element to existing showtime listing offerings like Movies by Flixster as you can book yourself into screenings and follow your favourite movie theatre.

The idea is that you create your own circle end up going to more shows with your friends.

The app features all of the traditional local listings and showtimes as well as a host of trailers, cast and crew information as well as critical ratings and reviews.

The coolest feature is undoubtedly the ability to record an instant, 15-second video review as you leave the screening. What we love about this is the range of emotions that it's likely to capture when the feelings of exhilaration or out-and-out devastation are at their peak.

In those few seconds after you emerge from the darkness, there's no opportunity to make a considered judgement, dampen your excitement or allow your cynical buddies to get into your ear. It's visceral, it's organic and it should be a barrel of laughs.

This feature alone surely makes this free app worth a download?

Link: MovieGoer (via AllThingsD)