iPhone app news: Kabbee taxi comparison app launches

See how much London cabbies will rinse you for before booking

Over 60 taxi companies at your fingertips.

A new app for the Apple iPhone will allow Londoners and visitors to the capitol to compare the prices from various taxi companies before booking a cab.

The free Kabbee app for iPhone offers prices for 60 London taxi companies and allows users to pick the most convenient, the cheapest, best user rating and earliest pick up time for their journey.

The app also lets customers book their cab there and then and pay by credit card, with a pre-paid account or select to pay the driver for their journey in cash. The app wants to help users avoid the risks involved with taking unauthorised taxi rides.

Kabbee follows a similar app from another London-based firm, Addison Lee which also allows users to book their journeys through the app, using the iPhone's GPS capabilities.

The app, which will be coming to Android in July and users of all smartphone platforms can access the service via the kabbee.com website on their mobile browsers.

This is a helpful service, but how about, you know, adding some services like this for the other 60-odd million people in the UK that aren't in London at this precise moment? Why does everything have to be London-centric?

Link: Kabbee