iPhone App News: Instapaper gets impressive upgrade

Offline reading service gets a new look and better search functionality

Instapaper for iPhone and iPad has simplified mobile reading for millions of users by pulling down text and allowing you to read offline. The app has now been given a major update.

Instapaper, the popular iPhone and iPad app which allows you to store articles of interest to read offline, has been serviced with a major upgrade.

The £2.99 Instapaper app has been given a new lick of paint with a brand new interface for both iPhone and iPad versions, which makes your downloaded text look a little more like a standard newspaper.

There's also a new "Search Subscription" feature, which for an in-app purchase of $1 (69p) per month, will give you access to every article you've ever stored using the app. Previously, you were only able to access stories you'd stored on the device.

Social sharing has also been enhanced. Instead of simply reading articles that your friends on Facebook and Twitter are sharing via Instapaper, you'll now be able to read things non-users are also posting to their walls and feeds. These updates are currently iPhone specific.

YouTube URLs now also open in the YouTube application rather than Safari and an App Directory which lists apps that play nice with Instapaper.

Instapaper has proved a massive hit by allowing users to simply rip away the text and headlines from web stories to read at their convenience, or where there's no mobile reception.

It also negates the need to have 25 browser windows at the same time as you can simply pull the content into one app rather than switching between several news sources.

Link: TUAW