iPhone app news: iCondom app campaign fights STIs

MTV joins forces with app to make global condom database

App promotes safe sex and allows others to do the same.

Ever been caught short without a condom after embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime Esquire magazine cover girl pulling session? No, us neither. But for your every day emergency rubber requirements an iPhone app has come to the rescue.

The iCondom app for iPhone, which offers an extensive database of condom dispensaries in your locale, has teamed up with MTV to promote sexual awareness and fight against HIV and other nasty STIs.

The free app, allows you to see places on the map that'll dish out some sheaths when you need them the most and, hopefully, prevent your appendage from falling off in the event that you've acquired the company of a partner of questionable sexual ethics.

Users can leave comments on each dispensary and also add their own new sites into the mix, so the database is constantly growing thanks to safe sexual productivity of its users.

The outcome of the iCondom/MTV Staying Alive campaign will be to create a global condom distribution map, so wherever you are in the world you can find out where the nearest, open facility to obtain your Trojan Magnums (they do come in smaller sizes too...).

You can download iCondom from the App Store now, so get going. It's for a good cause afterall.

Link: iCondom