iPhone app news: Financial Times kicked-off App Store

FT's refusal to give Apple 30 per cent results in axe

Will we see more publications walk away from/kicked-out of the App Store.

The Financial Times app has been booted out of the App Store and is the first high profile casualty of Apple's new compliance rules.

The FT app has been reluctant to accept Apple's insistence on a 30 per cent cut of all subscriptions made through the app, and now, two months after the new rules came into effect, Apple has dropped the axe on the FT's app-based offering.

The Financial Times had attempted to skirt Apple's strict rules by using the app to push readers to a web-based offering in an attempt to pocket all of the cash itself.

It had also promised its users faster updates via the browser-based publication.

"We're encouraging our readers to switch immediately to the new FT web app, as many new features and sections will be added over the coming weeks. Make sure you don't miss out on these updates," the publication said at the time, vowing to no-longer update its iOS apps.

The FT will now miss out on the visibility and easy payments through iTunes offered through the App Store, but will now get to keep all of the proceeds from all of the sales.

It'll be interesting to see how the company fares. If the web-based venture proves successful, then we could see the backlash against Apple's massive cut take a bigger hold with other publications.

Link: FT (via Inquirer)