iPhone app news: FIFA Superstars arrives on iOS

EA's footy management sim comes to iPhone

Think you can do better in the transfer market than Arsene Wenger? Here's your chance.

EA's popular football management game FIFA Superstars has landed on the iPhone.

The Fantasy Football-style game, which allows you to build your own team of real-life football megastars, had been a popular title on Facebook, and now with the help of the Playfish social gaming studio, makes its debut on iPhone.

The idea is a lighter version of the immersive Football Manager/Championship manager sims where you assemble your squad, manage transfers, pick the training schedule and the formation.

You can also buy equipment for your players to increase their chances of doing the business when they step over the white line on a Saturday afternoon.

The social element makes it different from the aforementioned titles, however, as you pit your expensively assembled squad against other players, instead of the computer, with the best team coming out on top. Like a football management version of top trumps.

In order to play the free game, you'll need to sign up for the EA Origin service, which is the gaming giant's version of a social network.

Since Sunday's 8-2 humbling at the hands of Manchester United on Sunday, most Arsenal fans seem to think they could do a better job then Arsene Wenger. Well here's your chance, lads!

Link: FIFA Superstars (via Games.com)