iPhone app news: Dragon Go! Voice control app launched

A rival for Google Voice Search arrives on iOS

Voice search arrives on the iPhone

Nuance, the company behind the brilliant Dragon Dictation voice recognition tool, has launched the Dragon Go! app for iPhone to allow easy voice search on the device.

The free app will launch applications and search the internet based on what you ask for, for example if you ask for "movie showtimes for Transformers" the Fandango app will open to present movies, showtimes and ticket purchasing options.

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You can also view information on Wikipedia or Google Search, view news on CNN, trailers on YouTube and check out what people are saying about the movie on Facebook and Twitter using the apps centre carousel.

You can also speak specific search terms into the app, such as "smartphone reviews on T3" and you'll get a Google Search results page.

It also boasts links to navigation services, weather and local amenities, and if you're in a place where its not convenient to speak into your phone, you can still type in your request the old-fashioned way. This worked well for us, as the American-flavoured app seemed unfamiliar with the Queen's English.

Dragon Go is a nice alternative to Google Voice Search for iPhone users. There's no iPad version as of yet, but there's always the option of upscaling the resolution if you're desperate to give this app a try.

Link: iTunes