iPhone App News: Clingle and Square location apps launch

Clingle challenging Foursquare, while Square makes mobile payments even easier

A couple of interesting, new location-based apps have shown-up on the app radar, with Clingle looking to take on Foursquare with a romantic check-in app, while Square is letting you pay for goods by simply saying your name.

Clingle, which will go head-to-head with the likes of Foursquare, allows you to check-in from locations and leave treasures for your friends to pick up, like audio recordings, photos and videos. These are called "Clings."

So, for example, you could send a Cling to your friends for them to follow and unlock, or simply to show-off where you're at if they're stuck at their desk while you're off gallivanting around the world.

The start-up, which was softly launched in India and Singapore before it's UK, is being marketed as a romantic tool to share memories. So if you're passing the place you went on your first date with the lady, you could send her a Cling from that special place.

Like Foursquare, Clingle also gives you the opportunity to discover a host of daily deals and offers in your location. The app is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones.

Meanwhile, Square, the mobile payment service created by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has updated the smartphone app, which allows you to pay for goods at participating stores, without even taking your device out of your pocket.

The 'Card Case' app for iOS devices, allows you to open a virtual tab at your favourite restaurant and instead of paying by swiping a credit card, you simply say your name to the waiter, or cashier and your payment will be taken.

The latest update allows you to keep your tabs open when you're within 100m of the business you choose to frequent.

Via: The Verge, The Next Web