iPhone app news: Charlie Sheen launches MaSheen app

The troubled star brings #Winning to the App Store

Now you can carry Sheen's outlandish rantings around on your iPhone.

Out-of-work Hollywood outlaw Charlie Sheen has somewhat inevitably launched an iPhone app, filled to the brim with his own unique brand of winning.

The MaSheen (geddit?) app features a host of Mind Torpedos (Sheen quotes, you must be tired of by now) which refresh every time you tap your iPhones screen.

But that's not all you get for your £1.79, there's also 17 Fastballs of Truth - short videos of the tiger-blooded one pontificating on various topics. There's also a link to his online store and a Magik Tiger feature, which is, essentially, Sheen in Magic 8-ball form.

If you haven't gotten so sick of Sheen's antics that you've unfollowed him on Twitter and chuckle rather than want to slap the living daylights of of friends who hashtag #winning on their feeds, then this is the app for you.

If that's not enough Sheen for you, you could also cough-up £150 to see him get booed off stage again on his Torpedo stage tour? Duh, winning.

Link: MaSheen on iTunes