iPhone App News: BBC iPlayer arrives, brings 3G viewing

iPad version also gets 3G, plus AirPlay compatibility.

iPlayer for iPhone is finally here, bringing streaming over Wi-Fi and now 3G. iPad owners can also take advantage of on-the-go connectivity and can hook up to their Apple TV through AirPlay

BBC has finally launched its iPlayer app for the iPhone and iPod touch and in doing so announced that iOS viewers can now catch-up on programming over 3G connections.

The iPhone app, which has been strangely absent from the Beeb's mobile line-up since it launched on iPad and Android earlier this year, coincides with the launch of BBC's Global iPlayer app for smaller screen devices.

The BBC also revealed that iPad 3G owners can also watch shows over their 3G connection, which negates the need to download shows over Wi-Fi before heading away from a wireless connection. Android phone owners are still tied to Wi-Fi for now.

iPad owners can now send shows straight to their Apple TV device via AirPlay, which is great news as it gives custodians of Apple's hockey puck-sized set-top box a virtual iPlayer app too.

The iPhone version of the app brings some minor changes, including a neat channel switcher which allows viewers to flick between the BBC's TV and Radio channels.

Link: BBC