iPhone app news: Apple working on karaoke app

Personal singing teacher on your Apple handset

Apple would like to teach the world to see.

Apple has successfully filed for a patent to bring a singing tuition app to the iPhone.

The so-called iKaraoke application would help users perfect their vocal talents, by pointing out mistakes and offering advice on how to bring songs back to the correct pitch.

The Guitar Hero-like system will follow your vocals and reward you for singing at the correct pitch with a 'concert hall effect', however mistakes will be exaggerated to make them sound even worse.

There's also auto-tune technology built into the patent application, which will make off-key warblers sound half-decent.

As yet, the application appears to still be in the conception stage, so we don't expect to see this it any time soon, but anything that lets us do karaoke more often has to be a good thing.

Link: Ubergizmo