iPhone App News: Amazon launches AR shopping app

'Flow Powered by Amazon' will recognise products by pointing the camera at them

Barcode scanners have been helping us obtain items cheaper online for years, but a new app from Amazon makes it even easier thanks to a cool Augmented Reality engine which spies everything on the shelves.

The A9 unit of Amazon has developed an Augmented Reality shopping app, which it claims can recognise millions of products just by pointing the camera at them.

The Flow Powered By Amazon app arrives as a hybrid of the photo-based search Google Googles, and existing Barcode Scanners already on the App Store. The main difference here is the presence of an AR engine.

Flow doesn't need to take a photo, it just uses the camera's lens to pick up items around it and works on items like book covers, CDs, DVDs, toys and pre-packaged electronics. So, it's great if you're cruising around HMV and want to easily check if you can pick up the item cheaper from Amazon or any of its army of sellers.

There's also a host of product information you can also access, such as customer reviews and in some cases audio and video clips.

The app is free to download and available from the App Store, and with offerings like this the high street just becomes one big showroom for you to spy before you buy cheaper on Amazon.

Link: App Store (via Mashable)