iPhone App News: Air Dictate brings Siri to Macs

Air Dictate iOS app allows iPhone 4S users to make use of Siri to dictate to Macs

New Air Dictate app allows iPhone 4S owners to make use of Siri on their Macs adding the ability to dictate documents for just 69 pence

Apple’s iPhone 4S exclusive voice commanded personal assistant Siri has made the jump to Macs thanks to the new iOS iPhone app, Air Dictate.

Allowing iPhone 4S owners to sync their handsets up to their Apple branded home computers and laptops Air Dictate provides the first chance to use Siri across a variety of products enabling users to dictate copy to be transcribed in word documents on the Mac.

“With Air Dictate, you can enter text on your Mac by talking into your iPhone 4S. It's that simple,” the apps iTunes App Store description says.”

Compatible with all Mac machines running OS X 10.6.8 or later and priced just 69 pence within the App Store, Air Dictate forgoes the endless stream of continually appearing jailbreaks making use of Apple’s Siri service in a legal manner across a selection of Apple branded products.

Are you an Apple iPhone 4S user, do you also own a Mac and wish you could make use of Siri across multiple devices? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: Engadget