iPhone app judges calories by taking pictures of food

100,000-strong pic database to deliver the bad news to your phone

Take picture of pint. Upload picture. Repeat 6 times.

A new iPhone app will judge how many calories are in the food you're about to eat, just by taking a picture of it.

The app, developed by NTT Communications of Japan, will use the photo to cross reference against a 100,000-strong database of pictures and report back the bad news before you dig in to your bacon double cheesebergers.

The as-yet-unnamed app, which is going through the final stages of development, could be a god-send for calorie counters who are unable to get nutritional information when eating in cafes or restaurants.

While we can't imagine that it'll pick up every layer of cheese, or whether the meat in your burger is lean or not, but it'd be a more than helpful guide that'll also save the hassle of manually inputting the calorie counts and portion sizes for everything that passes your lips.

A beta version for the app will be released in Japan in January.

Link: TIME