iPhone app created to control your kitchen

Control the dishwasher from work? There's an app for that...

Image 1 of 4 The Impact App for iPhone
The Impact App for iPhone
Image 2 of 4 The Impact Fridge
The Impact Fridge
Image 3 of 4 The Impact Dishwasher
The Impact Dishwasher
Image 4 of 4 The Impact Clock
The Impact Clock

New Impact kitchen appliances include iPhone apps

Have you ever wanted to check your kitchen's eco-credentials whilst you're working? Well now to use Apple's coined expression, there's an app for that.

To all the eco-warriors out there, Carbon , the American interior design specialists, have designed a new kitchen range, perfect for you and your possibly lazy spouse. The new, simplistic range includes everything as per usual, including a fridge, dishwasher, and yes, wait for it, a clock. The Impact concept, developed with Artefact, aims to stimulate energy-efficient behaviour by using its innovative design.

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However, the usual appliances in the Impact range aren’t the only interesting thing in the selection; they are also joined by a different kind of app, the ones most commonly associated with the iPhone. The app can deploy many useful actions, including budget control, carbon emission targets, thermostat control and monthly carbon usage graphs.

However, even with all these useful actions, the best is yet to come. With this app, you can share your activity with your friends on facebook; surely the most exciting news this year, which will almost certainly drive you to buy this app. The press picture even advertises this by saying "Ann lowered her thermostat...". Riveting.

The kitchen is simplistic and innovative, the app is actually very useful, and the connectivity of it is simply fantastic, the most useful I have on my iPod touch by far.