iPhone/Android App News: Garmin Fit app launches

Satnav titan releases multi-purpose fitness app for just 69p

Garmin branches out from its fab range of sports watches with a highly functional fitness app to challenge the likes of Nike+ and Endomondo. It's just 69 English pence too.

Satnav company Garmin has launched a fitness application for iPhone and Android which will track your progress while you're out running or cycling

The company moves into the app game after building a reputation for building fitness apps brimming with functionality, although the smartphone software costs considerably less at just 69p on both platforms.

The app, which joins the likes of Nike+, Adidas miCoach and the excellent Endomondo, will track your time, distance, speed, pace, calories and also map your route using GPS. The app is also compatible with the Garmin Fit heart monitor.

Once you've completed your exercise, you can add notes and then upload it to the Garmin Connect service, which will be familiar to those who have used the company's sports watches.

From there you'll be able to share your activity with your pals and monitor things over time.