iPhone and Nintendo DS top gadget lists of England squad

iPads and 3D TVs on shopping lists for England Rugby team

The England Rugby team talks tech with T3

Apple’s iPhone and Macbook laptops are joined by the Nintendo DS atop the lists of gadgets most used on tour by the England Rugby squad, a series of exclusive interviews with T3 has revealed.

Speaking during a summer training session a number of players from the England international team have shed light on the tech that fills their luggage whilst travelling for both club and country and what’s next on that constantly growing wish list.

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If gadgetry is a bit of a boys club then the England rugby squad is the most fierce and competitive member as outlined by England and London Irish full back Delon Armitage who said: “I like to think I’m into technology but there is always someone on the team that gets something better than mine so I then have to go out and get that.” He added of one of his international team-mates: “The one that always kills me is Ugo, Ugo Monye’s always up to scratch. If there is a new phone coming out he needs to get it first so this time I beat him with the new iPhone.”

Epitomising this tech compulsion Armitage admits: “On tour I take my Apple Mac laptop, I take my iPhone and my Nintendo DS which is a good little thing to play around with.”

This list of hardcore and entertaining gadgets has been widely adopted by the England squad including scrum half Ben Youngs and flanker Tom Croft who state: “You’ve got to take your Mac laptop to keep busy, we’ve got our iPhones, iPod Touch would be another thing and some wireless headphones, that would be on the list.” Adding to this, Tom Croft states: “I always take a book with me, just a regular book, there’s obviously the iPad with the ebook function on it so that would be a nice one to get.”

One member of the team who has already splurged on an iPad is 6-foot 7-inch winger Matt Banahan who said: “I just brought the new iPad. I think it’s good, I like it. People say it’s just a big iPhone but its easier when things are bigger and in front of you. I’ve got mine mostly for when I’m away for TV, watching films on it, music, it’s just nice and a little bit more compact than a laptop but I’m sure I just like things that are a bit techy.”

Relative odd-one-out in the England dressing room is the squad’s resident technophobe, Lewis Moody who declared: “I’m not really a gadget user; it’s not something that really gets me going. It takes me too long to work it all out.” He went on the add: “The only thing I take along on England travels is my laptop, basically use it to watch movies and Skype the family, that’s about it.”

Not limited to their international travels, a number of the England squad regularly compete off the field and on the couch via the medium of online gaming. Ben Youngs explained: “I’ve got a PlayStation 3, along with Crofty (Tom Croft) I spend a lot of time on Call of Duty all wireless online. A lot of the boys play that, it’s all over the Premiership, every club has a good clique of about 10 players split up into team. The Leicester lads have played the London Irish boys a fair few times. Most of them we’ve won.”

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