iPhone and iPad shortages could hit Apple targets

Japanese earthquake blamed for shortfall

Sources say Apple might not make ambitious targets for second quarter of 2011.

Apple is set to miss its ambitious targets of selling 7.5 million iPads and 20 million iPhones in the second quarter of 2011. That’s according to sources close to component suppliers in the Far East, who say the Japanese earthquake is to blame for the shortfall.


Apple iPad 2 video


: Apple iPad 2 video | T3 Tech Videos

Word is that Foxconn, the company that assemble iPads and iPhone for Apple, is facing a lack of essential parts for the iPad 2, as Japanese industry struggles to get back on its feet and ship components over to China for assembly.

Apple is said to be looking at a similar problem with the iPhone. Foxconn said it was doing, “…all it can,” to satisfy demand. The iPad 2 struggled in its first month on shelves, thanks to extreme demand. Apple said last month it was selling every tablet it could make and as trying hard to keep up.

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Via Digitimes