iPhone 5 to see Apple partner with Nuance for voice features

Apple to improve voice commands in the iPhone 5

Next-gen Apple handset to host improve voice features

Apple is to add improved speech recognition features to its upcoming iPhone 5 with specialist firm Nuance beating out Microsoft to provide the new software, new reports have revealed.

Apple iPhone 5 video


Apple iPhone 5 video


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Looking to add a flurry of new voice recognition features to its mobile operating system to put iOS ahead of Google’s Android, Apple is reportedly looking to utilise its recent acquisition of voice tech company Siri and a deepened relationship with Nuance to improve user’s audio interface with their handsets.

Reported to have engaged in “months of tense negotiations” with Nuance over the use of its software in upcoming iPhone devices, Apple will do away with its Google integration seen in previous models following the company’s rise as a serious iPhone competitor through Android.

Although it is not known what form these reported improved voice recognition commands will take, they follow job listings from the Cupertino company that included the role of “iOS Speech Operation Engineer.” Apple is expected to officially unveil the mooted iPhone 5 and any new voice command features at WWDC next month.

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Via: AppleInsider