iPhone 5 specs to see metal back host antenna in logo

Upcoming iPhone to move antenna into rear logo

Fifth-gen iPhone to drop glass-backed casing

With the iPad 2 now official and pegged with a March 25th UK launch, attention of the Apple rumour mill has turned to the iPhone 5 with the next-gen smartphone reported to be adopting a metal backplate.

Doing away with the glass-backed casing of the Apple iPhone 4, a feature that has been blamed for the delay of the white-hued model, Apple is rumoured to returning to the metal backing seen in the original iPhone with a number of key differences.

Tipped as improving durability of the device and removing the liability of a slight drop inflicting handset-ruining spider-webbing cracks, the mooted metallic backing would also look to end the antennagate signal-losing death grips that plagued the launch of the latest Apple handset.

Reported to be ridding the handset of its issue struck side-mounted antenna, Apple is rumoured to be moving the signal receiving feature in a hand-avoiding friendly location, namely the trademark rear mounted Apple logo. It is reported that the logo will be made of a resin material which will host the handset’s Wi-Fi, cellular and all other radio antennas.

The reports, which come from repeated Apple leaker, The Economic Daily News, also suggest the eagerly awaited handset will follow tradition and be unveiled in June or July, refuting claims of a delay, and will come packing the same A5 dual-core processor that will feature in the recently unveiled Apple iPad 2.

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