iPhone 5 scroll glitch revealed by UK developer?

Diagonal scrolling leaves iPhone 5 screen dead

A possible screen glitch for the iPhone 5 has been highlighted by a tweet from a UK-based games developer

The glitch occurs when scrolling diagonally across the display at speed and causes the iPhone 5 screen to intermittently drop touch input and sometimes freeze altogether.

The issue was tweeted by UK games developer CMA Megacorp and was picked up by mobile site recombu - which then tested the claim with a video showing the iPhone 5 screen freezing in action.

While the issue doesn't seem to affect iPhone 4S handsets running either iOS 6.0 or 6.0.1, it occurs on iPhone 5 models running both versions of the operating system.

During day-to-day use this niggle won't cause sleepless nights - but the implications for gaming and game developers (who wish to use quick diagonal gestures) could be worrying.

The iPhone 5 hasn't had the smoothest transition into the market, following the Apple Maps fiasco there were reported problems with Bluetooth on iOS 6.

So, if you've experienced any problems with scrolling on your iPhone 5 let us know in the comments box below.

Via: recombu