iPhone 5 rumours suggest a bigger 4-inch display

Will the next iPhone boast a full, larger redesign?

Is Apple's next mobile set to have an HTC-bothering screen size?

Apple always stays clear of Mobile World Congress, choosing instead to unveil its handsets with a whoop and a holler in San Francisco. Despite the furore happening with handset launches in Barcelona now, it just wouldn’t be a tech week without the odd Apple iPhone rumour.

Today the rumours from earlier in the week that Apple will be bringing out an iPhone Nano have had a firm quashing, thanks to two separate reports that Apple’s next iPhone will in fact be larger. Sources who claim to be close to the part manufacturing process claim that 4-inch displays are currently being tested.

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The strength in the rumour is that Apple needs to compete with the spate of Android phones – such as the Galaxy S 2 and the HTC Desire HD. One thing to consider is what Apple said of its iPad: that they wouldn't make a smaller 7-inch version because their 10-inch model is the optimum size. The same may ring true of the current iPhone - not to mention the rich ecosystem of iPhone apps, which would all need to be completely re-programmed to fit a screen with different dimensions.

Only time will tell, as Apple looks set to refresh the iPhone in June. Will the display be bigger? Let us know your thoughts on the T3 Twitter feed.