iPhone 5 release delayed due to overheating A5 processor?

iPhone launch pushed back to September due to a faulty chip

Apple should have updated the iPhone 4 in June but didn't. Was that because the A5 chip making up the bulk of the iPhone 5 specs has been a danger?

Apple has launched a new iPhone in June every year since its first release - except this year, of course, where the iPhone 5 failed to materialise. While there are a million theories as to why this might have been, a new one from Chinese site Sohu does have some legs.

The site is claiming that the delay in launch has been caused by Apple’s A5 processor overheating when placed into the confines of the next iPhone. The chip currently sits in the iPad 2, where it thrives and gifts speedy, powerful performance, but it stands to reason that putting it in the smaller iPhone may cause problems.

Obviously this is mere rumour and so should be taken lightly, but it does sit in line with gossip that the next iPhone will be more an updated iPhone 4 – with better spec - than a brand new handset altogether. This line of thinking suggests that a newly designed handset will be with us in 2012, giving Apple time to wait for a smaller A6 chip.

Either way, overheating iPhones is an issue that Apple will be keen to avoid, especially as there have already been claims that iOS 5 can set the iPhone 4 on fire. Are you holding on for the iPhone 5, or are there better handsets out there? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.

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