iPhone 5 release date: new rumour says phone will be out in June

Latest gossip contradicts string of other reports

Korean report claims next-gen iPhone will be released in summer.

The iPhone 5’s release date has been pushed back until September, right? Well, not according to Korean site ETnews. See, it reckons the next-gen Apple cell will actually be out in June, contradicting a string of recent reports that said the device would take a bow in September.


Apple iPhone 5 video round-up

Source: T3 Tech Videos

Rather than being revealed at Apple’s WWDC bash at the start of the month, ETnews says Apple will hold a special event in the last week of June, with Steve Jobs himself taking to the stage to reveal the blower.

ETnews says Apple itself has confirmed the plans for a summer unveiling, which seems highly unlikely. With stacks of other reports to the contrary, from multiple trustworthy news sources, it appears this tidbit might just be too outlandish to believe.

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Via MacRumors