iPhone 5 pegged for WWDC release date?

iPhone 5 back on for June 6 release date?

UK and Australian tech journalists rumoured to be invited to WWDC 2011 by designated iPhone PR team - does this mean Apple will finally reveal details of its much mooted iPhone 5?

With Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicking off a week on Monday, the thriving rumour mill continues to try and second-guess Apple Inc’s every iPhone 5 move.

Original invitations sent out to the WWDC suggested the event was all about the software, and specifically the future of iOS, Mac OSX Lion and their much discussed cloud music service.

However, there have been whispers, first uncovered by MacRumors, that selected journalists are being covertly invited to the Conference in San Francisco by a designated iPhone PR team. It is thought that UK and Australian tech hacks have been given last-minute invitations in the vain attempt to stop news seeping out – nice try Apple!

If true, Apple fan boys and girls could see the launch of the Apple iPhone5, or iPhone 4S – depending on who you believe, on June 6. This contradicts various reports that have claimed the new iteration of the iPhone would be released in September as part the traditional iPod refresh. If all this excitable chatter is true, it means the iPhone 5 could be unveiled with the usual fanfare within the next month or so.

Apple iPhone Video: Rumour update

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