iPhone 5 design hinted at by new concept design

Apple iPhone 5 design teased by new concept

Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 handset has seen its form factor hinted at by a new concept design

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 has seen reported leaks of its specifications and design land on a near daily basis in recent weeks with a new concept design hinting at the mooted device’s upcoming form factor.

Boasting a larger touchscreen display and a slightly curved aluminium back plate, the newly released concept design, crafted by designer Michal Bonikowski, has compiled a number of the leading iPhone 5 rumours into an Apple-esque design.

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Whilst the ultra-thin iPhone 5 concept design sees the handset sport an iPad 2 styled angled aluminium case, recent reports have suggested the next-gen Apple device will touch down this September with a dual-core processor joining a dramatically redesigned form factor and a larger, HD display.

Further iPhone 5 rumours to date have seen the Apple smartphone handed an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p Full HD video recording capabilities, a dual LED flash and in-built NFC technologies.

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