iPhone 5 design drawings leaked?

New images appear to show new phone

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iPhone 5
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iPhone 5

Antenna looks to have been moved, confirming Apple's plans to finally fix phone's killer flaw.

New design drawings of the iPhone 5 have apparently surfaced, showing off a very similar style to the current iPhone 4 model. The pics come on the back of a video earlier this week which showed new iPhone parts with the antenna breaks clearly moved to prevent ‘death grip’ issues.


Apple iPhone 5 video round-up

Source: T3 Tech Videos


Apple had the clip pulled from YouTube and doubtless Steve Jobs will be none too pleased to see Jony Ive’s scribblings for the next-gen iPhone hit the web too.

The drawings suggest the next iPhone will not be that far removed from the iPhone 4, with a subtle leap similar to the shift from the iPhone 3G to the 3GS. The new phone is expected to land this summer.

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Via MacRumors

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