iPhone 5 camera: parts leak shows flash plans

Separate flash for new-look iPhone snapper

Leaked part shows up on Apple.pro site in China.

More iPhone 5 gossip has emerged this morning, with fan site Apple.pro laying its hands on images of the next-gen Apple blower’s internal camera parts. And it seems the peeper is in for some major changes.

Apple iPhone 5 video

Source: Apple iPhone 5 video | T3 Tech Videos

See, the flash on the current iPhone is part of the main lens component. But Apple looks set to separate the flash, placing it on the right hand rear of the iPhone 5.

This move has been given added credence thanks to leaked case designs, which clearly show two openings on the back, one for the lens and one for the flash. It seems Apple will claim that this will make for better images, what with flashes on compacts and DSLRs sitting some distance from the lens.

Although this leak has piqued interest in the iPhone 5, many believe the new phone will be a basic upgrade and not offer revolutionary new features. Will you be buying one? Or will you be sticking with the iPhone 4? Let us know now on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via MacRumors