iPhone 4S release date: UK on sale October 14th

Apple's Phil Shiller announces launch date for iPhone 4S at Apple keynote

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The Apple iPhone 4S release date has officially been announced - the wait is over. After a full year and a further four months of delays waiting for Apple's next iPhone, it's finally coming in just ten days, on October 14th.

It's here! The Apple iPhone 4S has finally come in from the cold, and we'll finally be getting our hands on the latest Apple superphone on October 14th, according to new Apple's Phil Shiller. It may not be the iPhone 5 that the world was clamouring for, but we're still tipping it to sell out fast, if previous Apple product launches are anything to go by.

Early bird adopters of Apple's iPhone 4S will be able to pre-order the device from October 7th to ensure they'll get their hands on an iPhone 4S come launch day. Our advice: get in now to avoid disappointment. Want more on the iPhone 4S? Check out our iPhone 4S features piece for all the latest upgrades to find their way into Apple's smartphone.