iPhone 4S bug mutes outgoing calls?

Another iOS 5 bug that causes around 1 in 10 calls to suffer from problem

It seems it's just one thing after another for Apple and their latest operating system iOS, after initial security problems it now appears to have audio bugs as well

Some iPhone 4S users are finding that when making an outgoing call the phone mutes the handset making it impossible to hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying.

While initially considered to be just a minor issue the fault has now come under the spotlight of the Apple support forums with thousands now getting involved in the debate to try and ascertain what exactly is causing the problem. Confirmed on all three US carriers and now being picked up in the UK the fault is believed to be some form of driver issue with iOS 5.

At present there has been no official word from Apple and no official fix, however if users are finding that they're also having problems making calls then general advice has been to try turning the speakerphone on and then off again and also plugging in headphones, of course, these aren't fixes merely ways of getting around the problem.

Apple iPhone 4S bugs

This is just one of the many issues that has plagued the iPhone 4S since its launch just a few weeks ago with short battery life being one of the biggest problems facing users. That has since been followed by a security flaw which allows anyone to get into a locked iPad 2 using a smart cover and finally users are now reporting the current issue concerning audio problems.

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iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4

Source: Gizmodo, CNET