iPhone 4 software update will not fix signal issues

Apple admit fault is beyond a simple software patch

Apple's signal troubles continue

Well surprise, surprise, as if we hadn’t figured it out for ourselves already, Apple has seemingly announced that its upcoming software update for the iPhone 4 will have no affect on the signal loss issues other than to falsely display improved signal bars.

iPhone 4 owners and wannabe owners will be disappointed by the purely cosmetic improvements to the handset’s devastating signal loss problems. According to Gizmodo, AppleCare, the customer service hand of the Cupertino company has stated: “The incoming software update will not fix this antenna problem, only change the way the phone displays the available signal, make it more accurate.”

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Whilst it was obvious from the outset that the new Apple smartphone issues ran deeper than a simple software miscalculation, Apple has remained adamant that the problem is manageable and easily fixed.

Alternative solutions to the problem that is causing dropped calls and the loss of usable reception and internet connections presented by Apple range from the callous “Just avoid holding it in that way” remarks from Steve Jobs to the extortionate buy our Bumper advice.

The £25 rubber Bumper cover accessory which prevents the drop of signal on the iPhone 4 has repeatedly been requested as a free inclusion from Apple but to no avail.

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