iPhone 4 screen breaks in drop test

See drop test destroy iPhone 4 after fourth try

More scratch-resistant, strengthened display still prone to shattering and scratches

Despite all the fuss about the ultra-sturdy qualities of the iPhone 4’s new aluminosilicate glass display, a drop test on the handset smashed the screen to smithereens after the fourth try.

As we saw in an earlier drop test on a trial model, the screen is hardly super-strength but rejoice, this fully functioning iPhone 4 lasted one extra drop before dying. That's one extra drop outside the pub to be grateful for.

Check out the pics of the last smash-tastic drop test here, or keep reading to see video footage of the newest drop test destruction.

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Even though the screen is chemically strengthened and 30 times harder than plastic, the drop test revealed less-than-satisfactory results when you consider that your iPhone is likely to get dropped more than four times over the course of your contract.

The handset itself sustained substantial damage too, so if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on an iPhone 4, you’re going to have to worry about more than just scratching it.

Check out the drop test video below to see why you should handle that iPhone 4 with care. iPhone 4 juggling championships anyone?

iFixYouri.com do their best to make us weep with the first iPhone 4 drop test

Via: Engadget