iPhone 4 reception fail confirmed by Speed Test app

Free-to-download app shows extent of signal issues

Image 1 of 2 Apple iPhone 4 Speed Test
Image 2 of 2 Apple iPhone 4 Speed Test

And bring up the rear of the sports day sprint... Apple

Despite Apple’s best efforts of shrugging off the iPhone 4’s signal loss issues as nothing more than a miscalculated formula for displaying the bars, a signal strength measuring app has shown dramatic drops in connection levels.

T3.com has put the free-to-download Speed Test app to the test with shocking results. Not only did we see the iPhone’s signal bars drop, contrary to Apple’s claims, we recorded a drop in download speeds from 1,596kbs to a meagre 16kbs from when the handset was held compared to when left to its own devices.

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The results, whilst shocking and appalling in their own right, also refute Apple’s claim last week that: “Users observing a drop of several bars when they grip their iPhone in a certain way are most likely in an area with very weak signal strength, but they don’t know it because we are erroneously displaying 4 or 5 bars. Their big drop in bars is because their high bars were never real in the first place.”

Upload speeds on the iPhone 4 didn’t fare any better. The T3 Speed test recorded speeds dropping from a respectable 244kbs when untouched to a near enough none existent 3kbs when held in a conventional manner.

To Apple’s credit, its claim that “gripping almost any mobile phone in certain ways will reduce its reception by 1 or more bars” was found to be somewhat true. Whilst we didn’t visually witness a drop in signal bars when repeating the test with an iPhone 3GS, minimal speed alterations were recorded when the device was held.

The 3GS’ connection speed reductions were hardly comparable to those of the iPhone 4, however. Where the new iPhone saw its connection speeds drop away to near nothingness, its elder sibling recording a download difference of just 32kbs down from 1795kbs to 1763kbs, still higher than the top iPhone 4 recordings. Upload speeds dropped from 224kbs to 217kbs when the 3GS was held.

Apple has proclaimed that it will launch a software update for the iPhone 4 later this month despite doubts that the issues plaguing the new handset will not be able to be solved by a simple patch.