iPhone 4 reception case launched by IvySkin

Signal loss issues prompt flurry of 'Reception cases'

Quick, call reception

As Apple bosses sit around, bathing in cash, thinking up new ways to spin the signal loss issues that rocked the otherwise phenomenally successful launch of the iPhone 4, accessories company IvySkin has decided to use the handset’s reception problems to its advantage.

Allowing your iPhone 4 to show off most of its aesthetical beauty, the transparent IvySkin Reception Case is the world’s thinnest case for the iPhone 4 at just 0.6mm thick and also the first to play on the device’s reception problems as a key selling point.

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The case, which is promising “fewer dropped calls, wider coverage areas, and faster downloads when browsing through your cellular connection” is now reliant on the fault in the new iPhone’s antenna system that results in signal loss when held in a conventional manner that covers the lower left portion of the handset.

According to the IvySkin sales spiel, with the Reception case “Your iPhone 4 gets protection from real-world hazards, and the built-in antenna does its work providing full reception without any dropped calls.” As well as protecting the sides of the iPhone 4, the new case comes packed with front and back anti-scratch screen protectors for all-around coverage.

With Apple refusing combat the signal loss problems by giving away one of its own Bumper cases free with every iPhone 4 sold, many indignant consumers will be turning their backs on the Cupertino company in search of other signal saving accessories.

Costing just half the price of Apple’s Bumper case at just $15 (£9.88), the IvySkin model is looking to make the most of these peeved consumers. Offering a free $15 store credit for any customer not compensated by Apple, the accessories company is sure to win itself a lot of brownie points with customers.