iPhone 4 prototype goes on sale

Pre-production prototype sees light of day

Ever wanted to get your hands on a pre-production prototype of the iPhone 4? Don't expect it to sync with iTunes though.

A early prototype of the iPhone 4 has become available on eBay, making it the first time an Apple prototype has been available for sale without Apple stepping in.

The handset is believed to be of the same generation that Gizmodo managed to get its paws on before the iPhone 4 was announced. Containing different internal components to the model which you can buy in the shops, this particular iPhone 4 also features an identity code on the front, matching it with the assigned member of staff who has unfortunately misplaced it.

Aside from lacking any '+' or '-' marks on the volume buttons you'd be hard-pressed to notice any difference whatsoever. Finally and most importantly however, the unit is in fact almost unuseable, with the handset refusing to communicate with iTunes, making it either a very attractive/expensive paperweight or a serious challenge to unlock.

At £502, would you pay that much for a piece of Apple history, or is that price pushing it a bit? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Thisismynext