iPhone 4 problems continue with faulty USB port fires

Dangerous USB connections join reception issues

The problems continue for troubled iPhone

The problems just keep on mounting for the seemingly unshakeable Apple as its latest smartphone handset, the iPhone 4 encounters further issues as users report cases of defective USB ports catching fire.

The latest Apple iPhone has been riddled with issues since its launch at the end of June such as yellowing screens, easily broken displays and the now infamous signal loss scandal that sees reception drop to nothing when the phone is held in a standard manner that covers the lower left corner.

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Possibly the most worrying and certainly most dangerous of the iPhone 4’s growing list of problems, however, this new USB fault has left at least one owner with just a mangled mass of melted plastic and distorted metal. Boy Genius Report even managed to snap a picture of the iPhone that suffered due to the faulty USB connections.

As well as losing his treasured Apple smartphone, the faulty iPhone 4 owner, who claims all he did was plug the cable in to charge his phone before the connection caught fire, was left with a slightly burned hand.

Having attempting to return his faulty and dangerous iPhone to the Apple store, the customer was turned away without a new handset despite Apple confirming that the damage had been caused by a faulty USB port, as the store was unsurprisingly out of stock.

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