iPhone 4 poll results: Happy resolution to antennagate?

Opinions split as iPhone 4 outcome just satisfies readers

Happy outcome to iPhone 4 antennagate issues, just.

The votes are in, the numbers have been counted and verified and we can now confirm that you, the readers of T3 think that Apple handled the antennagate issues well enough to keep the company in good favour, just about.

Results from the T3 poll: ‘Are you happy with the antennagate outcome?’ have shown that 42 per cent of you are pleased with the free case outcome and claim “I still don’t have a problem with my iPhone”. This compares to 37 per cent of readers who think the outcome was woeful and “Apple shouldn't be allowed to get away with such a fundamental product flaw.”

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The yes and no camps for a satisfactory antennagate outcome were completed by 10 percent of readers who thought ‘Even if there is a problem, a free case will sort it out’ and the remaining 11 per cent who were of the opinion ‘I want to use my iPhone 4 in its natural state’. This put the overall vote in Apples favour, 52 per cent to a negative 48 per cent.

It is well known that the tech world is filled with the Apple lovers and the Apple haters and this poll shows that although the Apple lovers still form the majority, the reception problems that tarnished the launch of the iPhone 4 has seriously dented the company’s overall image as well as the handset's seeming invincibility.

Results from the T3 poll showing damage to Apple’s reputation and the iPhone’s image have been replicated by Opinium Reseach, which, in a survey of its own found that one in four potential iPhone 4 customers are now less likely to purchase the handset in hindsight of the media frenzy that surrounded antennagate.

Are you appalled or appeased by Apple’s response to the antennagate fiasco? Its not too late to share your views via the T3 Twitter feed and Facebook page.