iPhone 4: O2 confirms PAYG offer

Official site says Pay and Go package is coming

Move comes as Carphone Warehouse staff say they won't be selling PAYG iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 prices remain conspicuous by their absence. But there’s good news if you don’t fancy stumping up huge monthly fees for Apple’s latest slab of cellular gold. O2’s new info site says the network will be selling the phone on pay-as-you-go.

The original iPhone seller is the first network to confirm such plans. Under the banner, “Buy the iPhone 4 on Pay and Go,” O2’s site says, “If you don't want to upgrade to a new iPhone on a Pay Monthly contract, you can buy an iPhone 4 on Pay & Go.”

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That sounds pretty straightforward to us and it’s welcome news with Carphone Warehouse staffers reportedly saying that it won’t be flogging the iPhone 4 on PAYG.

There’s only one issue: the price. O2 hasn’t said how much it’ll cost for an iPhone sans contract. With the iPhone 3GS kicking off at £449, don’t expect this thing to be cheap.

Stay tuned for more iPhone 4 pricing news as we get it.

Via Electricpig