iPhone 4 Micro SIM adaptor available from Orange

Opening up Micro SIM use in other phones

Take advantage of your data plan with Orange's complimentary adaptors

To all the imminent purchasers of the iPhone 4, Orange has announced on its Twitter feed that it’ll be giving customers a Micro SIM adaptor, free of charge. This’ll enable you to take the micro-SIM out of your iPhone and put in the adaptor for all intents and purposes making it act like a normal SIM for use in another phone to make full use of your data plan.


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In addition, these adaptors also allow you to take the micro-SIM out of your iPad, and transfer it into a phone, although this may clash with your agreement. O2 have also offered SIM adaptors, although you would need to collect these from your local store.

The iPhone 4 is out on June 24th, so keep an eye out for the forthcoming T3 review to keep you posted on it.