iPhone 4 jailbreak: Hacker cracks it

Broken but no release planned

Geohot does the business, but for his own amusement, not yours.

Got an iPhone 4? Gagging to invalidate its warranty with a cheeky jailbreak? Well renowned hacker Geohot has the answer. He’s cracked open Apple’s new blower, proving that all-new blower can be compromised.

There’s only one small snag. The man himself says he’s not releasing it. In a blog post titled, “Meh,” he says, “As far as a release goes, it probably won’t happen from me.”

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That means it’s down to myriad mobile hackers to do the business. However, at a time when the App Store is filled to the gills with goodies and unlocked iPhones are all the rage, you have to ask whether a jailbreak is even worth the hassle?

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