iPhone 4 is Apple's Vista says Microsoft exec

Put-down bound to get Jobs and co fuming

Microsoft's COO has some harsh words for Apple about the iPhone 4.

Microsoft’s COO, Kevin Turner, didn’t exactly mince his words when talking about the iPhone 4 at the Big M’s Windows Partner Conference yesterday.

In a put-down that will cause acute embarrassment at Infinite Loop, Turner said, “It looks like the iPhone 4 might be [Apple’s] Vista, and I’m okay with that.”

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Turner’s ok with that because Microsoft’s iPhone 4-bothering Windows Phone 7 is just around the corner. In fact, Apple’s antenna woes could not come at a better time for Microsoft as it looks to reinvigorate its previously knackered mobile OS.

Whether the iPhone 4 really is Apple’s Vista moment remains to be seen. This is one hardware problem after all, not a lumbering, much-maligned operating system kicking it on myriad gadgets.

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Via Slashgear