iPhone 4: cheapest tariff coming to Three in August

Plus: FaceTime won't 'take off', says Three CEO

SIM-only, £25 per month deal is iPhone's most competitive

UK underdog mobile operator Three mobile has unveiled that it will be getting the iPhone 4 at the end of July. CEO Kevin Rose said that getting Apple’s latest is “a big deal for us,” adding that going “head to head with other networks and not having the iPhone is like having one hand tied behind our backs, with us missing key weapon.”

Three’s Marc Allera conceded that, while the network tried getting the iPhone on its own terms, the network has in fact “probably taken it on Apple's."

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That said, the company has lifted the lid on what could be its ace in the whole; a hugely competitive tariff named the ‘One Plan.’ It’s a Sim-only deal, meaning you’ll have to pay upfront for the iPhone 4, but for £25 a month you’ll be gifted 2000 any network minutes (or 5000 Three-Three), 5000 texts and 1GB of monthly data, which is twice that of both O2 and orange.

Not only that, but the One Plan won’t tie you down for any longer than 12 months, before turning into a rolling contract. If you’ve enough cash for the handset in the first place, this is undeniably top value.

FaceTime SchmaceTime

In the same conference that Three unveiled this tariff Rose also suggested that, in the UK at least, the Phone 4's FaceTime feature won’t be the storming success Apple hopes. Rose admitted that he "would be surprised if FaceTime takes off in the next two to three years."

"In places like Italy,” added Allera, ”where they're less reserved about video calling from the beach or somewhere like that, it may be a different story - but in the UK we're culturally very different, so I can't see it being a big thing." This is an ironic sentiment from the company that launched 3G all those years ago with an emphasis focused solely on video chat. Only time will tell as to whether video calling will finally have its time…

Link: TechRadar