iPhone 4 bumpers: Apple starts automatic refunds

No need to put in a claim, just sit back and wait for your cash

Emails from Apple suggest bumper refunds are being handled without punters contacting Cupertino.

Dropped a rather hefty £25 on an iPhone 4 bumper in order to solve your antenna issues? Not put in a claim yet to get your money back? Well it looks like you don’t have to.

See, Apple has started firing off emails to iPhone 4 bumper owners, saying they’ve refunded the cost, all without owners having to lift a finger. In a short missive, Apple says, “As of today we have automatically processed your email. Thank you for choosing Apple.”

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If you’re in line to get some money back, it might well be worth dropping Apple a line to confirm the automatic return of your 25 quid, as it had initially said punters would need to initiate proceedings themselves.

The bumper is currently unavailable to buy on the Apple Store, although everyone who buys an iPhone 4 before the end of September is eligible for one.

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Via Engadget